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Theorem of Joy
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Theorem of Joy
Theorem of Joy

Theorem of Joy is an immersion in a dreamlike and impressionistic journey. An odyssey where we land on several shores, where each story is a cog in a universe with an intimate and surprising landscape. A bright, mixed jazz where North African sounds, post-rock trips and sweet pop flavors mingle; sensitive strings, learned melodies and unbridled improvisations make us vibrate from North to South. The music––mysterious, full, intoxicating––explores the unknown and unconscious regions, goes upstream, loses us in round trips between introspection and the infinitely great.

But are we really lost? All we have to do is let ourselves go with the flow of sensations and sound flashes. And as we open our eyes to an elsewhere, left to the sole perception of our senses, Theorem of Joy unfolds new horizon lines made up of images, words, infinite possibilities. Visual explorations, moving bodies, bewitching voices… Everything connects, unites, feeds the imagination with sound.

Led by the double bass player Thomas Julienne, Theorem of Joy clears new paths. It is a vision of music, rich in its varied aesthetics, that awakens stories and beings, where all is harmony and poetry.

Theorem of Joy


Theorem of Joy
Theorem of Joy - l'hiver

L'Hiver - Theorem of joy 

“Very beautiful second album by Theorem of Joy.”

“An album rich in an ambitious orchestral dimension, whose shimmering arrangements, imbued with a chiaroscuro fairyland, give this beautiful cast the opportunity to express all these qualities.”
Yazid Kouloughli – JAZZ MAGAZINE

“Devilishly clever and playing with codes too. A music which does not try to please at all costs but which seduces all the same because precisely, it is brilliant but not flashy. The album “L’Hiver” is warm like the end of spring. Here again. which will panic the clocks. And the compasses. Which is not without joy.”
Frampi Sunship – Record awarded CITIZEN JAZZ

Debut album - Theorem of joy

“We are then deeply entering a world of chiaroscuro, in a sort of primitive forest of great beauty. But also one can feel, right away, the extreme amount of work which has probably taken hold of all the musicians that are part of the project. “Sophistication” and “originality” are joining forces to obtain a fascinating music in each and every moment.”
Note de Jazz / Michel Arcens

“Theorem of Joy offers you a jazz whose colors are simultaneously vibrant, oriental and classical at the same time; with pop-rock reflections and a discrete yet fatal charm of those masters who know how to disappear behind their artwork. Essential, simply “essential …”!”
Paris Move Thierry Ilene

“A very unique album, thoroughly elaborated, which navigates between the best of the progressive rock, jazz and a (very) sophisticated kind of pop music. The instrumental ensemble formed by the guests do justice to a dense and beautiful writing, influenced by the beginning of the 20th century, and which is not taking the easy way out of the genre. The lyricism of the writing is indisputable, mastered but not constrained. In all it’s a success, an ambitious project which fully reached its potential.”
DNJ / Xavier Prévost

album Theorem of Joy
Theorem of Joy

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Theorem of Joy