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Theorem of Joy
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Thomas Julienne

Double bass & composer

Thomas Julienne is a double bass player and composer. A curious and enlightened musician, he draws heavily on his experiences in the field of jazz, classical music and world music. After studying at the CRR in Bordeaux, he obtained a DNSPM at the higher pole of Paris in 2014 and the CMDL (Didier Lockwood Music Center) diploma in 2015.

He was trained retrospectively by Jean-paul Macé, Kent Carter, Gilles Naturel, Marc-Michel Lebevillon, Cristian Diaz, Jean Michel Charbonel, Chris Jennings (for double bass) Cristophe Dal-Sasso, and Carine Bonnefoy (for writing).

In search of an effective structuring in a context of intense reconfiguration of the musical landscape, he created the collective Déluge in 2017 with Julien Dubois and Clément Simon. This label is geared towards phonographic production and the organization of concerts in Bordeaux and New Aquitaine.


Vocals & Lyrics

Ellinoa is an atypical artist who captivates with her sparkling voice, her inhabited improvisations and the richness of her universe.

Expressing as much through her voice as through writing, musical exploration is at the heart of her artistic endeavor, as evidenced by the wide range of projects she advocates.
Whether at the head of the Wanderlust Orchestra, an ensemble of 15 musicians whose first album was released in spring 2018 or in its smaller groups, like OPHELIA, she continues to push her limits as a performer. , improviser and composer.

Eager for experiences, Ellinoa also puts her voice at the service of other projects, in particular Theorem of Joy, the vocal sextet Shades, the ONJ for the Rituels program for which she is also writing a play and for the cover of Anna’s creation. Livia Plurabelle by André Hodeir, and multiplies collaborations within the current jazz scene.


Robin Antunes

Violin & FX

Whether playing alongside Etienne Mbappé, François Jeanneau, Jean-Marie Ecay, Cheick Tidiane Seick, in the Orchestre National de Jazz or as a leader with his group Monsieur MÂLÂ, Robin Antunes is a young musician with an insatiable appetite for new musical worlds. A sideman with a personality sought after by international artists, he has also played alongside Maher Beauroy, the Ensemble Social Silence, Arcadian, Tony Chasseur, and more recently Jane Birkin and Grand Corps Malade. A graduate of the CNSMD in Paris with a Master’s degree in Jazz and Improvised Music (June 2021), Robin is constantly on the lookout for new timbres and ways of playing the violin and mandolin. He has already taken part in a large number of collaborations with artists of many styles and genres, ranging from jazz to French pop, including West African, North African and Caribbean music, ambient and free improvisation. These varied experiences have enabled him to nurture and develop his language, both in the sounds he explores with his instruments and effects pedals and in the compositions he has produced. He is also a highly versatile and inquisitive musician, described by some as a ‘libero’, capable of changing roles and adapting to a wide range of genres and hats, always with the right touch and high standards.

Tom Peyron


Tom Peyron is a French drummer based in Paris. After three years of studying at CMDL, he began to play on the Parisian jazz scene with many musicians such as: Hermon Mehari, Frederic Borey, Pierre Perchaud and Ricardo Izquierdo. He also shared the stage with Seamus Blake, Sylvain Luc and Chris Potter. Tom is a versatile musician who is interested in different styles of music and recently performed for MceeAgora, a new hip hop project. His playing is obviously influenced by the great American jazz drummers like Tony Williams or Elvin Jones and also by hip hop “beats” like the music of J. Dilla or The Roots.
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Anthony Winzenrith


Anthony Winzerith, a masterful composer and guitarist hailing from Metz, has woven a rich tapestry of musical achievements since his conservatory days. With a foundation in piano, he embraced the guitar, excelling at the Music Academy International in Nancy and further refining his skills at the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood. His journey led him to Paris, where he delved into world music, jazz, and beyond, collaborating with notable artists and leading various projects. His work spans from the vibrant rhythms of Brazilian jazz with Tekere to the innovative sounds of electro-pop with 3Somesisters. Winzerith’s discography, marked by albums like “La tribu d’antho” and “Corpus,” showcases his dynamic range and commitment to musical exploration.

Kevin Lazakis

Kevin Lazakis

Guitar (substitute)

Kévin Lazakis grew up in the Toulouse region. He learned to play the guitar as a child, alternating between music school and self-taught studies. When he reached secondary school, he enrolled in a literary class with a music option and in the music theory class at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Montauban (82). After the baccalauréat, he joined the musicology jazz course at the Université Jean Jaurès in Toulouse, then the jazz class at the Montauban C.R.R., directed at the time by saxophonist and composer David Haudrechy, where he obtained his DEM in jazz in 2014. Two years later, he was accepted onto the DNSPM course at the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood (C.M.D.L), where he honed his skills with guitarist Pierre Perchaud.

Since then, he has lived in Paris and worked with artists from all horizons, both as a sideman (Cheick Tidiane Seck, Stomy Bugsy, Alexandre Monfort, Etibar Asadli, Clélya Abraham, Emcee Agora, Lester Getz, Violet Indigo, Theorem of Joy, Joanne Radao, etc.) and as a co-creator (Machineless, Anga Tafè, Aïteka).

Paul Audoynaud

Guitar (On Dysnomia)

A multi-talented guitarist renowned for his stage and recording experience as a leader (Sun Dew) or alongside renowned musicians (Jim Black, Gauthier Toux, General Elektriks, Jazzanova), as well as for his skills as an arranger/producer (Le Commandant Couche-Tôt).

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Heloïse Lefebvre​

Heloïse Lefebvre

Violin & Viola (On Dysnomia)

The French violinist and composer Héloïse Lefebvre is an unclassifiable artist. A pupil of the master of jazz violin Didier Lockwood, she holds a DEM in Jazz and Improvised Music and has obtained numerous awards (Stéphane Grappelli competition, SACEM young talents award, Jazz Juniors Krakow Laureate). In 2017, his first disc Sun Dew (released by Laborie Jazz) was hailed by the specialized press (Révélation Jazz Magazine) and signed in 2018 on the label of guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, Heartcore Records. In parallel with her work as a leader, she plays with many groups of the current European jazz scene.


Son : Cyrille Gachet

Photos : Alexandre Dupeyron

Logo : Nicolas Delbourg

Clip : Ahlala Studio

Clip : Marine De Contes et Gabriel Roman

Production Diffusion : Collectif Déluge

Presse : Juliette Poitrenaud

Theorem of Joy is a member of the Déluge collective.