Theorem of Joy
Theorem of Joy
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The Show

Alexandre Dupeyron, using his photography as a musical instrument, selects the projected images and rearranges them live, shaping the rhythm of his sequences in direct correlation with the music. He plays with contrast, texture, and transparency in his photographs, creating interstitial images and ultimately composing a new live photographic film each time.

The five musicians of Theorem of Joy perform the repertoire of Dysnomia Live in front of the audience.


Alexandre Dupeyron : Veedjaying

Thomas Julienne : contrebasse – compositions

Ellinoa : voice

Heloïse Lefebvre : violon

Tom Peyron : batterie

Paul Audoynaud  : Guitar



Dysnomia Live is a unique and immersive collaboration between two artists: Thomas Julienne, a double bass player and composer, and Alexandre Dupeyron, a photographer.

The storyline of the performance is based on the book Dysnomia published in 2022 by Alexandre Dupeyron.

It’s a journey through time and matter.

A cycle, from molecules to conscious beings, from Homo-Sapiens to consumer society. We build a materialistic way of life disconnected from the living, which deconstructs our relationship with the world and leads to our downfall.

Thomas Julienne intricately weaves his compositions around the narrative of the book, fashioning a thematic ensemble tailored for his quintet, Theorem of Joy. His musical creation not only complements the photographs, but also dramatizes and elevates their inherent meanings.

This photo-concert is a back-and-forth dialogue, an immersive experience where the synergy between visual and music is seamlessly interwoven, inviting the audience into a realm where the boundaries between sight and sound blur, creating a hypnotic journey.

Far from providing answers, this show invites us to question ourselves about the three ontological questions: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?


France, South Asia, China