Theorem of Joy
Theorem of Joy

Theorem of Joy’s new team

“FEUX” will be the name of Theorem of Joy’s third album. 

For this new opus, Thomas Julienne surrounds himself with strong and original musical personalities, bringing a fresh breath of life to carry the “Feux” of this repertoire.

Here’s the team:

Raphaëlle Brochet and her voice, rich, generous, and full of travels, blending jazz, Indian, and Iranian music.

Anthony Winzenrith on guitar, a clear and precise craftsman, always serving the musical narrative.

Robin Antunes, his violin, and his ideas, a true sound painter and an exceptional soloist.

Tom Peyron and his drumming, increasingly elegant and relevant since the quintet’s inception.

A new era for the group, which will be in residence at the Théâtre des Quatre Saisons, a convention center in Gradignan, in July. Stay tuned…

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